Europa 2017 – Wir sind sprachlos

Benny vom Refugee Info Bus berichtet frisch aus Calais. All das passiert vor unserer Haustür, quasi in unserem warmen Nest Europa. Der Artikel ist nicht kurz, aber das mindeste was wir machen können, ist ihn bis zum Ende zu lesen und der bitteren Wahrheit ins Gesicht zu schauen. Wir werden Montag wieder losfahren, zupacken, uns selber ein Bild machen und berichten.

„I returned to Calais this past week, several months since the eviction of the refugee camp that had once existed there. I hoped to find the port returned to its former slumber, a tourist town of not much of note once again – but instead I found that the refugee crisis in the North of France is far from over.

But Calais has changed a great deal since October and the demolition of the Jungle. In its place is a cold, hard city – where the temperature hasn’t risen above freezing in a week and where locals are more unwilling than ever to receive refugees. There are casual reminders of the state of things wherever you look: every few blocks a billboard is covered in repetitions of Marine Le Pen’s face and on each side of the central motorway through town is a vast cement wall (paid for by £23 million of British taxes). Gone are the vast numbers of volunteers and in their place are the police vans that patrol the streets, and wait outside the train station to trap returnees. They’re looking for who they consider an archetypal ‘stranger’…“

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